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KizlyarUSA Inc is the official distributor, wholesaler and retailer of Kizlyar Industrial Enterprises knives/swords, EDI-Technologies tactical flashlights and various other brands.

We carry a big selection of hunting, military, utility and folding knives. Our Customers are hunters, defense personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, security guards and many more.

We distribute our products through major hunting and outdoor stores around United States and Canada. Alternatively, if you do not have a distributor near you, then you can buy direct from us and have the items shipped to you.

KizlyarUSA is not only an internet retail website. It is also an educational resource. We feature articles and videos that can educate the visitor about different types of knives, knife making, and many other topics relevant to the world of knives.

This website is proudly owned, monitored and maintained by KizlyarUSA, Inc.